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We are all about bringing you closer to the ocean and the creatures that call it home.

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Dolphin Tours in Carl Grey Park

This beautiful park is a great place to go for a family picnic, a romantic stroll with your partner, or have a great time with friends.

When you think of Panama City, Florida, you probably think of the towering skyscrapers in the heart of town, the bright lights of the casinos along the marina, or the colorful houses and beautiful beaches that line the shore.

Our Panama City Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours are locally owned and operated. We will love you to experience the bay with us. The Carl Grey Park is located in Panama City and is home to one of the most beautiful mangroves in the world. The natural environment of Carl Grey Park is ideal for dolphin tours, which are fast gaining popularity in Panama City.

Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours in Panama City is the premier attraction for visitors of Panama City Beach, Florida. Carl Grey Park in Panama City Beach’s best-kept secret. It is located next to the Grayton Beach State Park on the north end of Panama City Beach.

Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours

Explore the Beach and Waters in Carl Grey Park

Carl Grey Park in Panama City Beach has pristine beach waters and beautiful white sand. Visit the walking trails of the park.

The park is home to just over a mile of trails with varying terrain. “You are going to be in Panama City.” you start to think.

If you are planning a trip to Panama City, you will want to explore the beaches as they are the best part of this city.

Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours provides visitors and residents with the most exhilarating dolphin tour experience in Panama City Beach.

Dolphin-watching tours operate on the world-famous white-sand beaches of Panama City Beach, Florida. They offer Dolphin watching tours daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The chance to watch wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat is an opportunity to create unforgettable holiday memories of Panama City Beach.

Therefore, we are pleased to invite visitors to join us on one of our Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours for a dolphin watch that will be the most memorable point of your visit to Panama City Beach.

Dolphin Tours City E-Bike Adventure Tour in Carl Grey Park

Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours City E-Bike Adventure Tour is perfect for the whole family. It is an exciting experience that will take your family along beautiful Panama City.

The tour takes your family through Panama City Beach, where you will see the beautiful white-sand beaches. The friendly tour guides will educate your family on the dolphins in the area.

Dolphin watching in Panama City has experienced an exciting transformation in recent years, as marine mammals have become more accustomed to human interaction.

Now, you can get even closer to the ocean’s most beloved creatures through an E-bike tour with Panama City Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours.

Thanks to the support of the local community, the former sludge pits in Carl Grey Park now boast a thriving ecosystem of wildlife, and the tour allows visitors to explore the grounds in an eco-friendly way.

Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours
Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours

Elite Sport Boat Rental in Carl Grey Park

This is a brand new attraction, offering a 2019 Bay liner Element Sport Boats for rent for one to eight-hour rental periods. Our Rental Boats offer all the comforts of a Pontoon Boat with the feel of a Sports car!

Our boats offer comfortable Seating with four lounge seats, a 4 speaker Stereo with NOAA radar and Bimini Top, twin water level seats, a three-stage ladder, and more! But handle more like a sports car!

He or she must be familiar with using the trim properly on an outboard motor, anchoring, and basic boat handling skills. Our boats is not available for beginners, NO EXCEPTIONS! The minimum age to operate is 27 years old, under the age of 30 requires a boating permit in Florida.

Why You Need to Experience a Dolphin Cruise in Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours

Consider taking a dolphin cruise in Carl Grey Park and get to experience these incredible creatures up close and personal. Dolphin tours are in many different locations. But, you can’t beat the experience of taking a cruise in the waters off the Florida coast.

The boat holds only six passengers to avoid overcrowding. And, for you to have plenty of time to enjoy swimming and interact with the dolphins. Make sure you bring a camera with you because you will be snapping lots of pictures of your experience.

Dolphin tours are a great way to enjoy the best marine life and the beautiful surroundings of the Florida coastline. Dolphins are top on the list of animal species that interact with humans. However, it is not the case with all dolphins.

If you go on a dolphin cruise in Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours, you might experience the best interaction. Tourists who have experienced a dolphin cruise in Panama City, Florida, say that the best thing about it is that you get to interact with the dolphins at a very close distance.

What You Can Bring Aboard

Beach supplies, cooler, and food NO GLASS BOTTLES, NO HARD LIQUOR OR GRILLS. SMOKERS must smoke away from the rental boats as a safety precaution/possibility of gas fumes. Boat Operator is subject to Florida BUI Laws.

Our boats are perfect for cruising St. Andrews Bay, Dolphin watching, or anchoring on the backside of Shell Island at some of the areas that offer docks that extend to the Shell Island Gulf Side.

Trust us, it is a well-loved beach location.

Canoeing in Carl Grey Park, FL

Carl Grey Park Dolphin Tours

Panama City Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours provide canoeing for its visitors. If you want to experience the best canoeing in Panama City, the Panama City Carl Grey Park Dolphin tours are the best choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to go on a dolphin boat tour with a group, you should know that it’s possible to find a fun, exciting experience without feeling like you’re fighting for your life to get around the marina. The best way to deal with a large group on a dolphin tour is to practice some patience, and remember that most large groups are a fun collection of people who are most likely just as excited about seeing the dolphins as you are. If you’re thinking about chartering a boat, you might wonder how that compares to riding on a group boat tour.

So, you want to know how to handle groups and private charter but aren’t sure how to get started. Don’t worry, we can offer you some pointers. It’s important to remember that a charter is a special kind of fishing trip, designed to meet the needs of a specific group. And since each group is different, a successful fishing trip with one group is no guarantee that you won’t run into problems with another. But with a little practice and learning, you can learn how to anticipate and resolve your charter’s needs.