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We are all about bringing you closer to the ocean and the creatures that call it home.

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Dolphin Tours in Seacrest Florida

Board Dolphin Tours 149 boat in Seacrest, FL, as we explore the calm bays, creeks, and waters across Panama City Beach. Home to more than 300 wild Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The Panama City Beach area’s healthy water frameworks make a perfect home for these creatures, found within 30 minutes.

Our experienced captain will talk about the areas of rich ecological and social legacy while looking for dolphins.

Seacrest Dolphin Tours

Best Dolphin Tour in Seacrest Florida

You will have the option to watch these animals play, feed, mate, and rest face to face from nearby. Protected and at a conscious distance. As you cruise through the waters of Seacrest, FL. You may likewise observe dolphins show a hunting strategy known as strand feeding.

This feeding strategy is stunning yet uncommon to see, as seen in this locale of the world.

Join us on our Panama City Beach dolphin eco-tour in Seacrest, FL, for a wild dolphin experience you will cherish forever.

Dolphin Tour Experts in Seacrest, Florida

As enthusiastic naturalists, we guarantee to show you the wild side of Panama City Beach. And, bring life to you through a professional Dolphin Cruise in a fun atmosphere.

As a professional dolphin tour company, we believe the ideal approach to value the Seaside ecosystems of Seacrest is through interactive and educational tours. We gladly support and promote ecological education, stewardship, and conservation.

We are a professional company of dolphin tour guides and captains devoted to leading dolphin trips through the calmest waters across Seacrest, FL. As a guiding and rental assistance company, we provide you with all that you need to have an experience of a lifetime.

With Dolphin tours 149, you can expect an extraordinary Lowcountry experience. We operate out of Seacrest, FL, in natural, beautiful areas away from Industrial tourism or advancement. As a result, Panama City Beach waters and surrounding waterways are wealthy in biodiversity, facilitating a healthy, dynamic population of dolphins.

Seacrest Dolphin Tours
Seacrest Dolphin Tours

Our Dedication to Customers in Seacrest, Florida

We work to give the best help in the Seacrest area, making your wellbeing our top priority. Our guides and captains follow the most recent boating protocols to guarantee that you have the best experience while out on the water.

Our energetic crew is known for conveying cautious assistance with eagerness and so much fun to ensure you are comfortable and excited about your dolphin tour experience.

Private Group Wild Dolphin Tours in Seacrest Florida

If you are searching for a fun setting for your next vacation, look no further. We have private group tours and occasions for family. Get-togethers, weddings, corporate capacities, festivities, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Choose to save a spot for your private charter on a fantastic Shell Island Dolphin cruise from Seacrest, FL. Host your upcoming gathering capacity at Shell Island. And, take an exciting boat trip with one of our experienced and cautious dolphin tour guides.

We offer us up to 6 traveler boats for private charters. Loosen up and enjoy the company of loved ones in the natural habitat of the Shell Islands. Are you a little family hoping to attempt some Panama City Beach Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling? Do you have a lot of people hoping to kick back with certain drinks and fresh seafood? Within minutes of departing, you will see one of the most lovely characteristic scenes in the Seacrest area!

Furthermore, to add to the excitement, dolphins are frequently observed at play as they effortlessly grace us with their presence in the creeks and the harbor.

Find Bottlenose Dolphins and Loggerhead Turtles in Seacrest, Florida

Join our naturalist on a search and discovery mission of a 2.4-hour boat journey to experience the intriguing bottlenose dolphin and loggerhead ocean turtle. Bottlenose dolphins are inhabitants of our salt swamps and channels.

As you watch the dolphins feeding, playing, or cruising around in their local environment, you gain an understanding of their social conduct, feeding habits, and considerably more.

Additionally, you will find out about the historical backdrop of the threatened loggerhead ocean turtle. Which we regularly see throughout the mid-year months. You have around one hour to get off the boat and explore Shell Island as you wish.

Trips are Sunday through Saturday throughout the summer months. In the offseason, we plan the hour of trips to coincide with the sunset.

Eco Tour in Seacrest, Florida

Seacrest Dolphin Tours

Come on board with one of our experienced naturalist captains for a boat tour to remember. Appreciate the chance to experience abundant wildlife as you cruise through the unblemished creeks of Panama City Beach.

Soak in the waters while watching wading beds, oyster beds, wild dolphins, turtles, crabs, and that’s just the beginning. Boat tours leave Seacrest, FL throughout the day, including an everyday sunset option.

Board our Seacrest bay boats as we go across the Seacrest waters on our Panama City Beach dolphin tours, looking for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This tour offers an excellent possibility of viewing a portion of the wild dolphins. Walk away with valuable memories, photos, and a more detailed understanding of dolphins and the coastal ecosystems they inhabit.

Enjoy a nearby view of dynamic coastal wildlife through our eco-tours and dolphin cruises. Our tour guides are local naturalists and are ready to make your outing considerably more action-packed and exciting.

Something for everyone in Seacrest Florida

Does a taste of our Dolphin Tours sound appealing? Our naturalists will keep on exploring the beach with you and clarify the habitats of unending wildlife.

You get refreshed after spending so much time in the salty air finding “where the wild things are”!

Make sure you book online at least a few days in advance (and at least a week during holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to go on a dolphin boat tour with a group, you should know that it’s possible to find a fun, exciting experience without feeling like you’re fighting for your life to get around the marina. The best way to deal with a large group on a dolphin tour is to practice some patience, and remember that most large groups are a fun collection of people who are most likely just as excited about seeing the dolphins as you are. If you’re thinking about chartering a boat, you might wonder how that compares to riding on a group boat tour.

So, you want to know how to handle groups and private charter but aren’t sure how to get started. Don’t worry, we can offer you some pointers. It’s important to remember that a charter is a special kind of fishing trip, designed to meet the needs of a specific group. And since each group is different, a successful fishing trip with one group is no guarantee that you won’t run into problems with another. But with a little practice and learning, you can learn how to anticipate and resolve your charter’s needs.